Brink’s’ influence in Southeast Asia has replicated the global group’s ongoing success, while remaining committed to local demands via a recent focus on cash processing and ATM cash management.

By blending more than 155 years of global risk management experience with new technologies and operating systems, Brink’s can offer market leading solutions to drive efficiency while enhancing safety and security within every client’s business.

“Our technology expertise means we can provide additional asset management services while increasing operational efficiencies across our customer’s ATM network.” Explains Baskaran Narayanan, Singapore Country Manager.

Brink’s have grown quite significantly in both ATM and end-to-end cash management areas. Brink’s has increased the number of ATM machines under its management three-fold in 2015, with a further doubling, year-on-year expected by the end of 2016.

“We are the market leader across Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia leveraging our international knowledge and experience, and delivering the highest levels of customer service for valuable storage, cash processing and distribution both domestically and across the region.

While we leverage from the wider Brink’s Group, we have robust domestic operations here in Singapore to ensure we have both the global expertise and the local competitive advantage.”

Brink’s competitive advantage is understanding the unique local and regional challenges and how they impact global market product offerings to ensure the most robust and secure value-added services are delivered to the total satisfaction of its customers. Furthermore, utilizing its existing facilities across Singapore enables local teams to meet and fulfil all customer requirements.

Brink’s goal for the next stage of its regional development will once again see a vigilant assessment of new potential market sectors making their mark across Southeast Asia. We are fully committed to keep this region sustainable in terms of its growth. As a niche player we have many future opportunities to realize, and the foundations are in place to build a long-term, sustainable future