Brink’s India Awarded the “Best Secure Logistics Service Provider"

Brink’s India has received the award for being the “Best Secure Logistics Service Provider” of the Year for the Bullion Industry at the recent Bullion Federation Global Conference (BFGC) 2016 Agra, India.

We are proud to advise that this was the first event organized by the newly formed Bullion Federation (BFGC) which includes Foreign Suppliers, Indian Nominated Importers & Banks, Bullion Traders and Customers, Gold Refineries and Commodities Exchanges, who have selected Brink’s to be the Best Secured Logistics Provider.

With Brink’s expert network offering seamless services to over 100 countries, Brink’s India is the market leader in providing integrated logistics solutions to international and domestic customers engaged in the business of precious metal and high value commodities with a benchmark for quality standards and operational excellence across various sectors. We thank our valued customers for their trust and support.