Brink's and TJS are excited to introduce Brink’s ZeroShrink - an advanced inventory control platform using RFID technology.

Brink’s ZeroShrink includes features that benefit manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers in the jewelry industry. Some of the main advantages of Brink’s ZeroShrink are fast inventory scans, efficient job tracking, decreased shrinkage, access to item and salesperson performance data, and accurate tracking of inventory during transport.

Brink’s ZeroShrink is different from other RFID technology products in the market because it is customized to tailor the specific goals of the jeweler, rather than a one-size-fits-all product. There are various features, scanners, tags, and services to choose from. For instance, users can opt for on-site or trade show physical audits. Users can also take advantage of using Brink's ZeroShrink with Brink’s Connect to track shipped items in transit, and with Brink's Locks to control and audit remote lock opening and management, among other.

“I’m thrilled to be adding Brink’s ZeroShrink to our product line,” says Aviad Sporer, Sr. Director Business Development at Brink’s U.S. For decades, jewelers have dealt with the headaches, inefficiencies and losses that inevitably occur with a lack of proper inventory control. Brink's ZeroShrink not only resolves these issues but is compatible with various existing Brink’s products to offer a fluid and integrated experience for our customers.”

There will be live demonstrations of Brink’s ZeroShrink at the following shows:

 Smart Jewelry Show  April 18-20   Chicago
 JIS Show  April 25-27  Miami
 JCK Show   May 29-June1  Las Vegas
 Pawn Expo  July 7-9   Las Vegas
 IJO  July 25-29   Nashville
 JIS Show   Oct 15-18  Miami


Control Your Inventory

Brink’s ZeroShrink allows jewelers to implement superior inventory management controls so they can focus on growing their business confidently and profitably.

The Brink’s ZeroShrink Advantage:

• Stock take in minutes
• Track anywhere
• On-demand visibility
• Decrease shrinkage
• Reduce labor costs
• Powerful audit and discrepancy reports

• Physical audits at customer locations
• Physical audits at trade shows
• Tagging at customer or Brink’s locations
• Integration with Brink’s Connect
• Development and integration support
• Hardware financing options


“Not only has RFID allowed us to have daily counting and tracking data, the biggest value is zero shrink on tagged inventory.” -Devon Larsen, Borsheims

“It cuts my workload in half. Inventory used to take me 3-4 hours. I can now do it in 20 minutes. It’s wonderful!” -Lindsey Hecht, IGC Groups

The system paid for itself in the first two months. Because of ZeroShrink, we were able to recover a loss of $2800 the same day! ” -Scott Goldstein, Superpawn Jewelers

RFID Products:

About Brink's
Brink’s Incorporated is the world’s premier provider of secure logistics and security solutions in more than 100 countries. Since1859, Brink’s has developed a proud heritage of service in secure transportation and storage of money and valuables. Through our consultative approach we have tailored customer specific solutions providing critical business intelligence, improved productivity and enhanced protection to a wide range of market sectors such as financial institutions, retailers, and the diamond and jewelry industries across the globe. Our solutions are designed and configured in a way to enable ease of adoption and implementation within your existing business processes.

About TJS
TJS created ZeroShrink, the only RFID-based inventory management platform for jewelers. ZeroShrink enables jewelers to take control of their inventory to eliminate shrink,reduce labor costs, improve sales, and engage customers

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