ATM Management Optimizing the currency supply chain for ATM’s and other devices.

Brink’s is one of the leading providers of end-to-end ATM solutions to major banks and financial institutions in the country. Brink’s is considered as one of the pioneers in establishing ATM services in India and offering Cash Management services and related Value Added services to customers across the country . Our comprehensive and globally recognized risk management systems and processes allow us to securely manage the cash operations of our customers.

With access to our Global network and technology we are constantly upgrading our facilities and services and continue to increase our geographical reach in the country establishing our presence in new cities and towns every year.

We offer a number of services related to ATMs in India.

ATM Cash Replenishment

The Brink’s fleet of secure vehicles are specially designed and equipped with state of the art security equipment, Our commitment to secure transportation processes and procedures and stringent adherence to compliances has made us the most respected and preferred name in the cash logistics industry. Our proprietary and world class information technology system allows us to provide real-time reports on cash replenishments and first line maintenance status of the ATMs.

With the help of the latest technology and handheld devices we track the activities of our ATM officers on site by way of capturing live feeds when they attend to the ATMs.


First Line Maintenance

Brink’s has developed a state of the art FLM call logging and tracking system which helps our well-trained network of ATM officers across the country to attend and close the first line maintenance calls in the minimum possible turnaround time ensuring uptime of all the ATMs managed by Brinks.


Maximum Uptime/ Highest TAT Adherence

We ensure lowest rate of cash-outs and maximum ATM uptime for all our ATM sites and our customer centric approach helps us to provide top quality services during weekends, holidays and festivals as well.


Technology to Drive Efficiency

An efficient FLM call logging and tracking system enables us to deal with ATM downtime with minimum Turn Around Time. An integrated SMS system linked to ATM officer’s device informs the central contact centre regarding call acceptance / site arrival / call rectification status of an FLM query which is accessed by the customers on real time basis.


The integrated web based online portals with our clients enables them to receive real time updates regarding our FLM call status.


Value Added Services:

Apart from cash replenishment and first line maintenance of ATMs, Brinks offers an array of other value added services as well that can be bundled with the core services to help our end customers in procuring all requirements under one roof. 

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