BGS Commodities

The Brink's Difference
The reason why Brink's Global Services is the market leader for secure logistics...... Experience, Commitment, Knowledge and Relationships.

Liability & Insurance
For many years Brink's has provided the strongest global All Risk Insurance coverage in the security trasport industry, our job is to always safeguard your property.In this business sometimes bad things can happen, if we are responsible for loss of contracted shipment we will pay you promptly, normally within a few days. Irrespetive of the amount, our reimburesement history and culture of responsiblity sets us apart from our competitors.

Value Chain Approach
Brink's offers integrated management at every level in the value chain from feasiblity, review of transport environment, cargo booking, pick-up, sorting, secure inventory storage, round-trip return service, secure packaging, documentation and final delivery.

Proactive Sloutions Provider
Through regular communication with clients, our integrated operation team works with customs and local agencies to create innovative cargo solutions. This partnership approach delivers tangible benefits including improved handling, cargo tracking and security.

Commitment to excellence
For over 150 years, we have delivered trusted secure transport and related services. Brink's has developed properietory systems to cover vaulting, inventory control and documentation for international and domestic cargo. In order to maintain best practice, we continue to strive for constant improvement in controls and processes, along with standardized training and procedures throughout our international network.

Systems Capability
Our team of IT professionals has developed specialized, secure, integrated software solutions designed to help you manage and track your global business. Our customs approach helps to solve challenging logistics problems in a timely, accurate environment Our team also maitains critical infrastructure monitoring and backup capability.

Our Network & People
We work every day with our customers and partners, including airlines, handling agents, regulatory authorities, law enforcement and customs to ensure the secure trasport and delivery of your valued goods.The most important aspect of this effort is the safety, security awareness and investment in our people within Brink's Global Services. We believe this philosophy is critical for our continued long term success and our ability to expand, develop and adapt in an ever changing global security environment.

Secure Logistics

Brinks Global Services (BGS), an affiliate of Brinks, Incorporated, is a widely recognized provider of secure logistics solutions. Utilizing the Brinks worldwide network of companies, BGS offers secure transport and associated security services in more than 110 countries. BGS specializes in the...

Comprehensive Services

The Brink's name is synonymous with security, trust and integrity. we have been providing quality risk management and secure cargo transport since 1859. The ability to work closely with clients and bring Innovative solutions allows our integrated Global Services team to execute around the world...

Precious Metal

By combining international shipping by sea and air with local transportation, Brinks services all major precious metals centers including New York, London,South Africa, Dubai, Hong Kong,India, Switzerlandand more. With a presence in more than 110 countries, your valuables are under Brinks...

Free Trade and Warehousing Zone

Brink's India Launches its most modern secured warehouse and vaulting facility in "SRI CITY" Free Trade and Warehousing Zone(FTWZ) in India.