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The Brink's name is synonymous with security, trust and integrity. we have been providing quality risk management and secure cargo transport since 1859. The ability to work closely with clients and bring Innovative solutions allows our integrated Global Services team to execute around the world everyday. In ever changing markets our long standing commitment remains the same provide secure, reliable service and ensure on-time delivery of customer valuables.

Secure Logistics

Secure domestic and International transportation of your valuables managing the entite "Door to Door" operation from pickup transit storage to final delivery

Walk-In Customer Centers

Equipped with secure storage and private inspection rooms. our integrated network of walk in "window" service centers can save time and increase flexibility for diamond and jewelry clients in key markets including Hong Kong, New York,Antwerp,London,Dubai,Gerieva,Tokyo and Mumbai.

Customer Clearance & Freight Forwarding

Using Brink's global infrastructure, expertise in high value cargo handling and reputation for integrity allows for quick and precise cargo clearance worldwide. In many markets we also operate as "In-house" customs brokers and IATA cargo agents.

Storage & Vaulting

We operate broad rage of high security storage and vaulting facilities across the globe offering short & long term protection, pick-and pack service, cargo evaluation, packaging and segregated vauting for diverse requirements.

Inventory Management

Daily record and audit information is maintained through secure systems which can include remote capability to review and monitor inventory levels within our storage facilities worldwide.


Brink's can assist customers to navigate diverse regulatory environments and review country threat assessments which often change quickly and have direct impact on decisions related to the valuable cargo supply chain.

FX Currency Processing

We deliver fast, accurate processing of physical foreign currency (FX) including wholesale/ retail capability in key markets with a focus on all major currencies including USD, EURO, CNY and time tested internal compliance controls.

Secure Data solutions

Custom record protection including the secure transportation and storage of sensitive data tapes, disaster recovery backup files or, when required, destruction services can be performed as required.

Evaluation Centers

We offer independent third party verification, and high value cargo survey and inspection services for the precious metal, diamond and jewelry industries.

Free Trade Zone (FTZ) & Bonded Warehousing

In key major markets Brink's manages secure, reliable and flexible locations to safeguard our client's property in a FTZ or Bonded storage environment for safe keeping of international shipments prior to local clearance and delivery.

Brink's Connect LVP

Backed by the most trusted name in security transportation, Brink's Connect provides and end-to-end solutions for the international distribution of medium and lower value jewelry, silver and other semi-precious and vulnerable time sensitive cargo .

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