Secure Logistics To set the global standards for excellence in secure logistics and value chain risk management through our commitment to innovation, quality and investment in people.

Brink’s Global Services (BGS), an affiliate of Brink’s, Incorporated, is a widely recognized provider of secure logistics solutions. Utilizing the Brink’s worldwide network of companies, BGS offers secure transport and associated security services in more than 110 countries. BGS specializes in the secure transportation and handling of valuables throughout the logistic supply chain, from bank notes and precious metals to high-end jewellery and pharmaceuticals. BGS works closely with its clients to deliver customized solutions that resolve their most significant challenges and create lasting competitive advantage.

Utilizing decades of industry experience and functional expertise, BGS looks beyond standard solutions to deliver faster, more secure, and streamlined solutions. The Brink’s name has become synonymous with trust and integrity for which we’re known. Today, the professionals at BGS are dedicated to protecting and enhancing that name through a continuous commitment to security and reliability.

The Brink’s Difference In safe hands around the world.

Here’s why BGS is the unsurpassed leader in risk management and secure transportation:

Liability and Insurance

BGS assumes liability for the transport of your goods*, be it from a mine to a manufacturing center as well as within our secure vaults networks.


Supply Chain Management

BGS offers integrated management solutions and security services that are tailored to your business requirements.


Risk Management

Security is at the core of BGS, and this focus is translated into industry-leading services and technologies designed to help companies manage and reduce risk.


Commitment to Excellence

BGS is proud to deliver world-class service. We continually work with airlines, handling agents, regulatory authorities and customs to help ensure the secure transport and handling of your goods.


Our Network and People

To maintain best business practices, rigorous controls are put in place to ensure all staff members follow the same processes and procedures throughout our network.

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