Who We Are

Since 1859, Brink's has become the world's largest and the most reputable security transportation company. Every day, Brink's move billions of dollars on a fully insured basis. From its initial fleet of horses and buggies, today the Brink's fleet numbers more than 7,000, servicing customers in more than more 110 countries.

Brink's Security (Thailand) Limited is a joint partnership of Brink's Incorporated, United States, and Transpo International Limited, Thailand. Established in 1986, we began servicing the gems and jewelry community and branched out to cash and security services. Our headquarters is located in the heart of the gems and jewelry community in Bangkok. We have an airport office inside the customs house to support customs brokerage and airfreight activities, as well as another office in the Gemopolis Industrial Estate.

Our services can be divided into two major categories:

  • International Services
    Including worldwide delivery of diamond/jewelry, banknote, precious metals, credit cards, travellers checks, financial papers, customs brokerage and import/export documentation.

  • Domestic Services (Cash Logistics)
    Including armored transportation, vaulting, cash services, ATM services, domestic exhibition services and Prompt Check center.

 We have certified RA3