Brink's offers a comprehensive range of storage and vaulting solutions.

We operate three main vaults in Bangkok offering vaulting storage to cover Bonded Warehouse, Free Zone and General vault storage.

Through Brink's warehouse management systems you can have on line access to your stock in our vault or daily auto generated stock and activity report. All the vaults are in highly secure facilities and manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our newest vaults are at our brand new stand alone purpose built facility offering unparalleled security.

Vaulting services include
1. Precious metals storage both general and customs controlled.
2. Pick and pack and transfer of ownership
3. Short and long term options.
4. Multi location vaulting options.

Brink's takes risks and danger away from your premises. You can minimize your insurance premiums and risk exposure for your staff by storing your valuables with our high security around-the-clock protected vaults.