Cash, Coin & Check Processing Improving the operational efficiency of critical back-office functions.
Brink’s cash, coin and check processing solutions help banks and other financial institutions to process payments more efficiently. Around the world, Brink’s offers the expertise, advanced facilities and trained staff to process large volumes of payments with the security, speed and accuracy demanded by today’s financial marketplace.

Brink’s helps banks to transform everyday cash functions into powerful operational improvements that drive cash management efficiencies, lower risk and enhance competitive advantage. Comprehensive services for financial institutions include branch and central bank shipments, payments verification, commercial deposit processing, change order service, inventory management and information reporting.

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Cash, Coin & Check Processing Services
  • Counting & Sorting
  • Notes Bundling & Coin Wrapping
  • Vault Outsourcing & Management
  • Check Imaging
  • Payment Processing
  • Daily Credit
  • Information Reporting
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