Device Management Reducing the complexity of managing device networks. 
Brink’s Device Management Service (DMS) provides ATM or self-service device status monitoring and management services to optimize performance and efficiency while providing fully automated support. Unlike many other device management services, DMS offers several advanced features and can be fully integrated into other Brink’s solutions, thereby providing a highly integrated solution. Brink’s modular offering allows institutions to subscribe to the services required, and allows the flexibility to add more functionality over time.

DMS technology provides fully automated support for:

  • Incident detection and response
  • Service provider dispatch
  • Tracking SLA performance and compliance
  • Exception intervention
  • Service delivery tracking and reporting
Device Management Benefits
  • Improved Supply Chain Performance: We find the right set of processes to implement and services to deploy that when combined with state-of-the-art management systems are fundamental to improving your supply chain.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Through Brink’s state of the art management and reporting systems, we provide you with detailed analysis of your ATM network operations. We compare your data with regional benchmarks to help us identify improvements that drive corrective actions to optimize the cash supply chain and device availability–improving the customer experience and your customers’ loyalty.
  • Optimize Cost and Value: By employing automated processes and incident tracking systems, you are able to lower your operating costs through better vendor management and cash forecasting and optimization.
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