Retail Back Office
Delivering leading-edge solutions to retailers of all sizes.

Managing cash can be one of the most important aspects of a retail business, especially at stores that handle large volumes of currency. It can also be one of the most challenging. From the time a consumer pays for goods or services to the time the retailer’s cash is safely deposited in the bank, receipts are vulnerable to shrinkage, external theft and mishandling. And, there are costs for counting, verifying, reconciling and transporting cash, making effective cash management critical to retail business success.

Working with leading firms around the world, Brink’s understands the challenges retailers face and has created a suite of solutions customized for the retail environment and designed to optimize cash logistics from the point of sale to deposit and reconciliation.


Intelligent safes provide important benefits to cash-intensive businesses such as convenience stores and restaurants. Installed at point of sale or back office, Brink’s CompuSafe Service virtually eliminates discrepancies, reduces theft and shrinkage and saves staff from time-consuming tasks such...

Daily Credit

Daily Credit enables acceleration of fund availability to the retailer, earlier in the cash processing value chain. These solutions typically operate with information systems and handheld devices to scan secure capture of deposit content (tamper evident) with deposit tracking capability.

Cash Automation

For larger retail operations, the business impact of counting, tracking, verifying and securely storing cash and bank deposits can be significantly reduced by emerging automation technologies. Brink’s can work with store operators to understand and optimize existing in-store processes, along with...