Brink’s Travel + Expense Set and Enforce Expense Policies

Offers companies a solution that integrates software with a Debit Mastercard® that enables them to control exactly when, where, and how much employees can spend.
Brink’s Travel + Expense lets businesses manage and enforce their employee spending policies without compromising time, money, or security.

Employer Benefits

  • Turn cards on and off with one click
  • Set spend limits by day, week, month or any duration
  • Allow or block card usage by day of week
  • Allow or prohibit spending at certain business categories
  • One Click export to QuickBooks and Excel
  • Manage Spend in real-time with data analytics and dashboards

Employee Benefits

  • No need to work on expense reports with mobile and desktop receipt uploads, category tags and notes fields
  • No need to carry cash
  • No credit check
  • Easily request more funds allowed for cases of unforeseen expenses
  • Zero Cardholder Liability

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