Cash Optimization Optimize costs and efficiency related to cash provisioning at the ATM and other cash distribution channels.
The demand for cash in today’s banking environment remains high, despite the expansion of internet banking and mobile payment technologies. ATM networks continue to expand worldwide as consumers demand accessibility to cash in many different locations.

Brink’s Cash Optimization services allow financial institutions to track and analyze the movement of cash across their ATM networks. Our proven technology accurately forecasts cash replenishment requirements, effectively reducing unscheduled replenishments and labor, and service costs. Managing and reducing cash levels through the automated cash forecasting solution enables full cost optimization while increasing customer satisfaction through improved availability.

Brink's Cash Optimization has several advanced automated features for cash forecasting and cost optimization and can be fully integrated into Brink’s Device Management Service (DMS), thereby providing a highly integrated solution. Brink’s modular offering allows institutions to subscribe to the services required, and allows the flexibility to add more functionality over time.


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