Precious Metals Protecting critical assets throughout the supply chain.

Brink’s helps secure the precious metals supply chain from mine to end user, including: preparation of the shipment; weighing according to industry standards; preparation of documents for letter of credit; storage; and acceptance and release of shipments upon receipt of formal instructions. Brink’s also operates facilities for third party inspection and assaying. In New York, Brink's is an authorized depository for NYMEX/Comex. In London, Brink’s is market accepted as a warehouse for the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) as well as an approved Weigh Master. Inventory management solutions are also available at secure storage facilities worldwide.

At Brink’s, we understand how important speed of quote and service is for business customers trading in precious metals. Brink's concentrates on a fast response in order to help customers retain their competitive advantage.

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Services for Precious Metals
  • Door-to-Door Logistics Services: Providing worldwide shipment by sea, air or road, including pick-up, storage, inventory management, customs clearance and delivery, all under Brink’s liability.*
  • Storage: We provide bullion vaults throughout the world for storage and immediate shipping from our locations, many of which are at or near airports, mines, refineries and central banks.
  • Inventory Management: Brink’s can report on stock positions, inventory balancing and customize storage programs. We maintain global inventory and track with item-level detail for fast and easy reconciliation and tighter control.
  • Shipment Services: Brink’s provides shipment preparation, weighing and acceptance, and release for third-party inspection and assaying.

*Subject to the terms and conditions of the applicable Brink’s Global Services contract.

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