Cash Automation Innovating with new solutions for commercial cash operations.
For larger retail operations, the business impact of counting, tracking, verifying and securely storing cash and bank deposits can be significantly reduced by emerging automation technologies. Brink’s can work with store operators to understand and optimize existing in-store processes, along with treasury and accounting requirements, to create tailored cash recycling solutions. Cash handling tasks can be automated while accounting visibility is improved.

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Brink’s Cash Room Automation solutions allow you to:
  • ​Improve visibility with real-time, onsite and web-based activity reporting.
  • Manage your cash operations corporately while gaining local in-store benefits.
  • Reduce backroom costs of handling cash.
  • Access deposited cash through Brink’s Daily Credit℠ network and participating banks.
  • Simplify processes by managing cash sales, register loading, floor advances and skims.
  • Ensure that proper amounts of each denomination are on hand, and the right amounts are sent for deposit and money processing.
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