Brink’s CompuSafe Service® Bringing new value to retailers around the world.

Intelligent safes provide important benefits to cash-intensive businesses such as convenience stores and restaurants. Installed at point of sale or back office, Brink’s CompuSafe Service® virtually eliminates discrepancies, reduces theft and shrinkage and saves staff from time-consuming tasks such as counting and auditing cash. Services include smart safe, deposit processing and consolidation, Web-based reporting and accelerated credit.

Benefits for Retailers:
Improve Loss Prevention: Brink’s controls the entire cash management process, virtually eliminating exposure to internal and external theft.

Increase Productivity: Free staff from performing time-intensive, noncore operating tasks such as counting cash, researching discrepancies and preparing deposits.

Information Visibility: Enhanced reporting provides immediate verification of deposits, helping you audit cash activity by store, shift or cashier.

Reduce Capital Expenditures: With Brink’s CompuSafe® Service, there is no equipment to buy and maintenance is included, saving you costs.

Consolidate Currency: We can help you consolidate deposits to a single account, saving you the time and expense of managing multiple banking relationships.
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