Brink's Daily Credit

Accelerated access to your funds.

Enables acceleration of fund availability to the retailer, earlier in the cash processing value chain. These solutions typically operate with information systems and handheld devices to scan secure capture of deposit content (tamper evident) with deposit tracking capability.
The Daily Credit Advantage

Daily CreditSM without Daily Pickup: Daily Credit allows retailers to decide how often cash needs to be picked up based on each store’s cash volume.

No More “Cut-Off” Windows: With Daily Credit, cash totals are transmitted at a pre-determined time each day. This ensures that a retailer never misses a bank’s deposit cut-off time, since the information is sent electronically.

The Brink’s Guarantee: Brink’s provides a comprehensive audit trail to help decrease and identify deposit errors. From the moment funds are deposited into the safe, Brink’s guarantees money in the safe against loss arising from external theft, robbery or fire.

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